• 11th February 2021

New kitchen, utility room, bathroom, boiler, water system and floors, completed Jan 2021

The Painting Partnership initially quoted to replace our 30 year old boiler & spruce up our utility room (on a par with other quotes and miles cheaper than British Gas,)  but we decided to expand the work to cover a complete new downstairs bathroom with Japanese loo, fitted utility room, pressurised megaflo water system, a new kitchen with all new appliances, and to cover the old flagstone floors with a levelling coat and a herringbone Amtico floor.

The job was priced in advance and completed on budget and pretty much on time. This was no mean feat in a 200 year old property (without a square wall anywhere and full of surprises (and never good ones!)) and in the middle of a pandemic.

This was a major job, and we are very happy to unreservedly recommend David Van Gelder and his Painting Partnership. The finished result is beyond expectations. From the outset David and Adam spent a great deal of time with us, helping us explore the options and advising on alternatives. This was not a ‘pre sales’ job, the customer care continued all the way through, and as an example, when we switched the floor pattern, David arrived clutching some sample tiles to lay out in various rooms, just to make sure that it would look as good as we hoped.

Although we sourced our own appliances, David’s team checked the specs of everything and offered their opinions if something didn’t look quite right, or if an alternative might have been better  – and they were always right. Knowing that they were on top of the detail was a huge comfort to us, and made the job completely painless. Communication throughout was faultless and nothing seemed too much trouble – the tradesmen involved were professional, friendly and all, without exception, took enormous pride in their work.

A particular challenge was the internal ducting for a self-venting Bosch hob built into the peninsula. Bosch, while their products are great, were worse than useless at providing customer support, and David’s team could well have been forgiven for a ‘not my problem’ approach. Instead David spent hours on calls to suppliers and Bosch engineers before obtaining the correct parts and fitting the ducting, which required alterations to 4 cabinets to accommodate it. This says it all about the Painting Partnership.

As a final comment, the job has been completely finished, completely decorated and with no loose ends. It was only then that we received the final invoice.

CL - Cookham, January 2021